The Unseen Connection: Inflation Soars, and Crime Surges!

Crime Caught on Security Camera

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In these challenging times, we find ourselves grappling with various difficulties. The surge in inflation has led to soaring costs across numerous domains, including goods, services, utilities, and fuel prices at the pumps. As a consequence, both individuals within our community and local businesses are facing significant struggles. Compounding these economic concerns, some individuals are resorting to criminal activities in order to make ends meet or support destructive habits. Regrettably, those of us already grappling with challenges are further burdened when we become victims of theft or vandalism at the hands of these criminals.


Let us examine the repercussions of seemingly minor crimes on local businesses. Consider a recent incident involving a business owner in Moraine, Ohio. In early June 2022, the proprietor fell prey to one of the many escalating crimes plaguing our area. A suspect targeted the business lot where company vehicles were parked overnight. Utilizing a battery-powered drill, the individual drilled a hole in one of the work vans’ gas tanks. The motive was simple: to siphon approximately 5 gallons of gas into a 5-gallon can, leaving the remaining fuel to spill onto the ground. At first glance, one might think the business owner was fortunate to only lose a full tank of gas. However, with gas prices exceeding $5 per gallon, the immediate loss amounted to nearly a hundred dollars. But the financial impact did not end there. The cost of repairing and replacing the damaged gas tank, along with the associated service and equipment cost increases at the local repair shop, reached $1,800. Furthermore, the work van remained out of service for two weeks, resulting in reduced customer capacity, disrupted schedules, and diminished earnings for both the business and the employee responsible for operating the van. When all is said and done, the suspect made away with approximately $25 worth of stolen gas, while the victim(s) of this crime incurred losses totaling thousands of dollars. This is just one example of the increasing prevalence of such crimes, as businesses and private properties fall victim to theft, including catalytic converter theft, tool theft, property damage, and the theft of valuable metals and wiring, such as copper.


In these trying times, it is imperative that we fortify the protection of our businesses, properties, investments, and livelihoods. Fortunately, the aforementioned Moraine business owner had installed security cameras around the perimeter of their premises, capturing footage of the gas tank vandal and thief. However, this proactive measure was only taken after the business had already fallen victim to other crimes. Sadly, many businesses lack adequate security measures to safeguard their investments, and perhaps you find yourself among them. While some businesses may opt for do-it-yourself security camera packages available at local brick-and-mortar warehouse stores, it is essential to recognize that such cameras often offer subpar image quality and may feature less user-friendly software. Additionally, many business owners fail to fully leverage the benefits of newer technologies that can enhance security and address other related concerns. For more information on these emerging technologies, please refer to our forthcoming article [future article coming soon].


As criminals become increasingly brazen in their illicit activities, we witness crimes occurring not only at night but also in broad daylight and even in populated areas, sometimes unfolding before witnesses. While cameras cannot entirely prevent criminals from carrying out their plans, they serve two crucial purposes. Firstly, by gathering substantial evidence, they can assist in identifying and holding criminals accountable. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, the mere presence of cameras can act as a deterrent, dissuading potential criminals who are aware they are being observed. Conversely, the absence of cameras or security measures provides perpetrators with a greater sense of impunity.


Effective lighting and robust security measures are the key to reducing, although not eliminating, crime. Safeguarding your investments and property requires financial investment—after all, it takes money to make money and save money, even if only in incremental amounts. We urge you to do everything within your power to enhance the protection of your assets.


As a local business owner committed to the well-being of our community, I am wholeheartedly dedicated to assisting you in this endeavor. Nothing frustrates me more than witnessing criminals evade justice. At Dayton Allied Business Solutions, we offer top-of-the-line security equipment, software solutions, access control systems, and a myriad of other services that can greatly benefit your business, ensuring seamless operations with minimal disruption. Together, we will overcome these challenging times. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation and estimate.





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