Our One Year Anniversary Celebration

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Time has flown by swiftly as we commemorate the joyous occasion of our first-year anniversary as a flourishing business, delivering exceptional services to a multitude of esteemed clients.


In November 2022, we proudly celebrated our inaugural year in operation as a duly registered Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the State of Ohio.


Over the course of our first year, the amalgamation of various project sectors culminated in a remarkable gross income of over $20K, encompassing invoiced services, products, equipment, licensing expenses, and more. Although the net profit did not align entirely with our initial aspirations, accounting for the incurred expenses and costs of goods and services, I am pleased to announce that we managed to maintain a neutral financial standing in our inaugural year—an achievement that eludes many businesses in their initial stages.


Statistically, the landscape for nascent small businesses is fraught with challenges, and not all ventures withstand the rigorous test of time within the first one to two years of operation. The journey from inception to establishment necessitates considerable fortitude and discipline. Startling data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reveals that approximately 20% of new businesses falter within the first two years, and a staggering 45% succumb within the first five years. While these figures may appear daunting, I am committed not only to my own entrepreneurial endeavor but also to supporting fellow business owners in their quest for success.


I am profoundly grateful to all who have bestowed upon me the privilege of engaging in both short-term and long-term collaborations throughout this inaugural year. As we forge ahead, I eagerly anticipate surpassing expectations once more as we embark on our second-year milestone, brimming with gratitude for the blessings bestowed upon us.


Should you desire to gain a deeper understanding of our company and its illustrious history, I encourage you to peruse our comprehensive “About Us” page.


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