Do you need a managed IT service provider?

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We don’t need to tell you how important IT support is to your company, but it can be difficult to decide the exact IT support service that works best for your needs. Companies come up against a range of operational challenges when it comes to IT; hardware, software, support, expertise, connectivity, and the list goes on! But the biggest question to answer is; how do I streamline my IT infrastructure?


There is a range of options to consider when deciding how to manage your company’s IT infrastructure. Can you accommodate an in-house IT team? Is the ad-hoc support you are receiving from contract IT professionals enough? Or should you consider a managed IT service provider?


Managed IT service providers can offer companies custom-made support packages for a monthly retainer which will cover your personal IT setup. So,Guest Posting rather than employing a full IT team which can be expensive and unworkable for a small company; a managed service provider will adjust its package to suit the company’s size and infrastructure.


If you opt for a locally managed IT service provider, you can also benefit from their close proximity to your offices, which will allow their IT professionals to visit and get to know your company more. Rather than employing a full IT team, a local IT support provider can become your IT department for much lower costs.


Reasons why a managed local IT provider could be right for you

Dayton Allied Business Solutions is a managed IT provider based in the Dayton metropolitan area, supporting a range of small and medium-sized businesses with their IT infrastructure. We believe that a well-organized and efficiently run IT infrastructure at the heart of your business enhances productivity and performance, improves your bottom line, facilitates scalability, and avoids costly errors.


If you’re considering changing the way your business makes use of IT support, here is a list of things to look out for which could indicate your company is ready to start using a managed IT provider.


You need to improve your cyber security

Good cyber security is vital to the safety of your business. Cyber-attacks are becoming more and more frequent as hackers improve their methods. Plus, with the increase in remote working, companies are now more at risk than ever. It’s never been more important to have reliable protocols in place. A managed IT provider will continuously monitor and update your security software to ensure all threats are under control.


You have implemented remote working or a hybrid structure

Most companies have now introduced some form of remote working for their employees, whether it’s full-time or a hybrid model. However, even though remote working can be beneficial for logistics and work-life balance, a change in working practices inevitably creates more IT support issues. A managed IT provider will ensure that your employees have access to all of the equipment they need both at home and in the office, providing the best software, hardware, and connectivity options.


Your IT costs and support needs are too unpredictable

If you find that you are in need of more regular IT support, but your needs aren’t high enough to require an in-house IT team, a managed IT provider can offer you a happy medium. Whether your business is scaling up or you are finding that your budget is being spent on unmanageable IT costs, having a lack of organization when it comes to IT can really impact your bottom line. A managed IT team will charge you an agreed fee each month, which will provide you with the correct services for your company. They will monitor your systems, manage installations and perform maintenance. A local service provider will also offer you site visits, which provide a more personal service.


You are looking to grow your business

If you are scaling up your business, using an ad-hoc IT service will inevitably incur larger costs, even if you have an agreed-upscale project fee agreement. If you use a managed IT provider, they will take the time to learn the business and your infrastructure, offering great advice on how to grow the company using cost-effective IT solutions.


Downtime is increasing and impacting productivity

An increase in downtime is bad for business and can affect profits and your reputation with customers, clients, and stakeholders. If you are seeing this in your company, it indicates that your IT infrastructure is no longer fit for purpose. By partnering with a managed IT provider, you should see a decrease in downtime as they restructure your IT setup. They will constantly monitor performance, make necessary changes, and run updates to keep everything running smoothly.


Think you’re ready to partner with a managed IT team?

If some of these points resonate with you, it might be time to consider a managed IT provider. If your company is going through changes, or you’ve seen your workflow compromised by poor support, it’s essential to problem-solving now. For more information on Dayton Allied Business Solutions LLC and the managed IT services we provide, get in touch with us today.

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