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Thank you for taking the opportunity to learn more about Dayton Allied Business Solutions. As you may have already reviewed on our homepage, we are a company dedicated especially to the small business sector, however, we do offer personalized support for individuals and some residential applications and needs. We are a newly established company as of November 2021, but very much so a growing business with high hopes for the future. But don’t let our newly established business worry you, we have been doing business in all the services we provide for several years, including some services that we have been providing as freelance work for almost twenty years.


At Dayton Allied Business Solutions, our motto is to “Bring Your Business Online,” but one may be asking what that implies. Our belief is that in the modern age of technology, there is so much about our lives, our homes, and our businesses, that surround the idea of being online. It could be websites to learn more about something, gain services from, utilize for our work, or even to just connect with others. Our dependency in the “online world” is simply going to require technology to get there. That is where the computers, small networks and other related equipment come in the picture. As we move forward into protecting ourselves or securing our possessions and property, we then approach the need for security needs such as surveillance cameras and access control (think badge readers, ID badges, and electronically secured doors).

Sadly enough, many small businesses are still stuck in the age where the lack of this technology or otherwise someone to help them with it, puts a damper on their productivity and eventually can affect their business growth or survival. We understand that sometimes the “old way” is the best way, but we feel you may be missing on an opportunity to grow exponentially like you never dreamed. We also understand that sometimes with change comes headaches and financial strain. We, as a small business, know exactly how various strains can very easily affect our business and the survival of our businesses.


That is where Dayton Allied Business Solutions wants to help win you over. By providing most if not all your needs that revolve around the “online world” in a one-stop-shop approach and doing so at some of the lowest costs in these various job sectors to you and your business, you can feel more at ease to not only reach your new goals and grow but save time and money in the process.

We too are continuing to grow and offer more services, obtain more partnerships with more companies and vendors, and branch out to other ways we can help support our fellow small business community. If we are unable to provide all the needs you require for any reason or another, we are all about teaming up with other businesses that can help to get the job done. While we would love to always be the answer to all your needs, we also recognize as a small business to not take a bigger bite than we are ready to handle.


As a member of the Huber Heights Chamber of Commerce and being heavily involved in that organization and the community, we have access to the large community of other businesses that also want to work together and have the same mindset as we do. As a business community, we must stick together to keep it together.


We are a faith-based company in more ways than one. We believe our Creator and Provider will lead us and guide us to the direction He sees right and to the people that need us. We also believe that being a faith-based business we would therefore derive our mission from the core values that we advocate. We place a strong emphasis on traditional qualities like integrity, compassion, and devotion. According to Webster’s dictionary, faith is defined various ways, including, “Fidelity to one’s promises, or allegiance to duty, or to a person honored and beloved; loyalty.” One could conclude that a business that is built on faith is likely to keep its word, have a sense of responsibility, and value its clients. We hope after reading a little about us that you find the confidence to put your trust and faith in us for your various needs in the online world.

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