About Us

Starting around 2004, I started his experience with web design and website building for a nonprofit organization he was a part of. It featured typical content most websites would have but it also featured its own private message boards for the members.

From there, things took off and after others saw this website, they became interested in my work. However, since 2004, all my web design work was freelance work and has varied between private security companies, to a church website and more recently two apartment complex property management websites and a local Chamber of Commerce website, featuring over 30 pages of content including its own e-commerce store.

It late 2021, it was decided to finally make this freelance business into an actual business. As a small business owner, I want to ultimately help other small business owners as well as nonprofit organizations become what they’ve always hoped for when it comes to their technology needs, without breaking the bank. If 2020 taught us anything it was a lot about patience and compassion but in the business world also collaboration.

In regards to computer repair and technical support as well as basic computer and other related equipment setup and networking, all my work was self-learned and self-taught since the late 1990s. I have always been the go-to person for all things computers when someone had an issue and have always been able to remedy a solution for them.

Most recently, starting around 2014, I began my newfound hobby in working with surveillance cameras and access control and began making repairs on old outdated equipment at a local shopping center I worked at part-time. I later took that experience and did my first project from the ground up, installing over 23 cameras at a local apartment complex and shopping strip – running Ethernet cable, basic existing electrical, point to point wireless networking, installing the cameras, and configuring the surveillance software on the office’s server.

In 2020, I found the most recent opportunity in working with Access Control, setting up a system for a local American Legion, replacing their old, outdated, and non-functioning card readers and replacing it with more modern-day technology through Power Over Ethernet (POE), supply power to the card reader with a built-in camera, setting up the access cards, and training the staff on its use to fit their needs.